‘What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes’ at Alternate Viewpoints blog

I recently wrote a piece on Cassavetes' A Woman Under The Influence for the Alternate Viewpoints film blog. Here's a sample: Nick is more than a chauvinistic villain, and Mabel is more than a ‘victim’ or a ‘case’ – or, indeed, a ‘feminist’. Women frequently love their abusers because their abusers are frequently lovable. Heterosexual… Continue reading ‘What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes’ at Alternate Viewpoints blog


Why austerity makes me mad: the politics of mental health.

Depression and anxiety are not the products of a distinctively bourgeois malaise. They are, however, incredibly expensive. They create new needs and push existing ones out of reach. Pills are usually the first line of defence. After intermitting, I was given yet another of those impossibly reductive graded questionnaires and immediately prescribed mirtazapine. I was… Continue reading Why austerity makes me mad: the politics of mental health.

The woke are sleeping.

"This is a call to arms, addressed to the wavey-garmed woke. ... The woke embrace a fatalistic cynicism. There’s no way out of this power-knowledge complex. Aestheticised personal parody, private nods to the knowing, microsubversions: ‘they have to see beauty in turds because, so far as they can see, turds are all they’ll ever have.’[2] Old-fashioned notions of struggle, solidarity, collective agitation are abandoned. The political is personal. The woke abandon hope – drown their sorrows in the Discourse. Caring is so passé. ... Stylish nihilism is an ultimately self-serving ideology dressed up as ideology critique. Talking is stalling. You are implicated, but the cost of your inaction is borne by others. Nothing is risked; nothing is gained. Political apathy is a luxury we can’t afford. Wokeness amounts to a conservatism that should know better."